First Week Nerves

First Week Nerves

What a bitter sweet moment for some of us to return from a 4 month summer break back into school zone! No need for the nerves – and if you didn’t have any, then you are already off to a great start! It was quite nerve wracking myself to go from a 4 month break back into a studying environment, but after the first day I pushed myself into the zone. Summer was quite productive; despite the lazy movie night days, wedding season, and hanging out with friends and family, I was able to get some clinical hours done at Community First Medical Center, work, and study for standardized exams that are coming up for me.


If you had a productive summer as well, well then it is great that the adjustment back to school will not be as tiring; but even if you did not… don’t let the nerves or the stress get to you! I was pretty stressed after the first day because I was going through my class syllabus and organizing all the important dates. If I were to advise you, I would say you should definitely start organizing and planning now to see whats ahead of you this semester. It is a bit stressful at first, but it will definitely help you manage your time throughout the semester. What I usually do is put down test/quiz dates down on my calendar along with any assignment dates. This way, I know which tests overlap and can study accordingly.


You should also get to know your professors now so that they can serve as a guide throughout the semester. A mistake I made my freshman year was being fearful; and when I needed help later, it became harder. Just introduce yourself to your professors, especially if it is one that is related to your future career track! You never know when they can come in handy when applying for schools or getting tips!


I can’t emphasize this enough, but PLEASE manage your time wisely this semester! We get so caught up with friends or the days off this semester (since there are quite a few) and then we push everything off to the last minute. I learned the hard way, so that’s why I advise you don’t do this as well! Try evenly distributing your tasks across several days and then you can keep lunch time or a few hours with some friends. My “me” time this semester became the gym, so I try to go to the gym to get some relaxation time so I am not stressed so much this semester. Find your “me” time and make it a routine.


Get involved! There are several organizations, clubs, and sports at Loyola and finding an interest can help get those nerves off! I have become greatly involved with the Pakistani Student Association (PSA) at Loyola and it definitely helps me keep the nerves off and have fun!


Sometimes you just need someone to tell you to do something or guide you in the beginning – and that is OKAY. If you need that motivation, find a friend who can help you keep on some tasks – if not, you can always reach out to me! I would love to help anyone who may need help adjusting to the university or anything in general! You can contact me at and id love to help in any way possible!


Be yourself, be fearless, and just push yourself to do as much as you can and I promise this semester will fly by!


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