Welcome to Loyola University Chicago!

Welcome to Loyola University Chicago!

Uncertainty, trepidation, and full of antici…pation, you have arrived at Loyola University Chicago and are about to embark on your college experience! Whether you are the first one in your family to go to college or you are the first sibling/child to go to Loyola, we are ready to welcome you to the Loyola family! I understand that many of you are at different points of your college career. The purpose of this blog “Life El-elevated” is help students coming from a variety of backgrounds to get better acquainted with their new home.

A Little About Me:

My name is Miguel L Molina and I am a Junior at Loyola University Chicago! I am a student of the School of Communications pursuing a degree in Advertising/Public Relations with minors in Marketing and International Relations (with focuses in Latin America and Asia/Pacific). Likewise, I am also a member of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program. When I am not studying, I work as the Marketing Program Assistant at Quinlan School of Business and as a Student Blogger at the Undergraduate Admissions Office. During my free time, I enjoy playing piano and bass trombone; trying new cuisines; exploring unique bookstores and reading classic literature/Spanish literature!

Here is some of what to expect:

  • The Month of September: I will give you some tips to enjoying your first year at Loyola University Chicago, a shameless plug to appreciate the opportunities of getting the chance to Study Abroad, getting ready for Family Weekend 2017, and appreciate and be a part of the diversity that Loyola has to offer!
  • Every Other Week starting October 10: Join me as I help you explore Chicago: CTA Red Line Edition as we explore major red line stops on Chicago’s El to learn fun places to hang out with friends, eat quality food on a student budget, and places you can treat yo’ self (bookstores, boutiques, and speciality shops). We will be starting South from Cermak-Chinatown, through the Loop, to ethnic neighborhoods, passing through Loyola, and all the way toward the North end of the Red Line at Howard. I will be giving you some tips and ways you can enjoy your new Chicago backyard all with your student U-Pass.
  • Every Other Week starting October 3: I will be giving all of you tips on finding your way around Loyola whether it be looking for an on campus job, the history of Loyola, on campus resources/opportunities, and ways to be an active member of the Rambler Community!
  • November 21: Thanksgiving Weekend Special! (almost done with your first semester of college, you just turned in your college applications)
  • December 5: Finals Special with tips on how to study for finals, taking care of yourself, and on campus resources to help you, and tips on how to sell your books to get the best return for your hard earned money
  • March 20: Tips on Deciding your College Major/Program of Study (utilizing Loyola’s tools, evaluating your own interests, finding what you are passionate about, useful resources)
  • May 1: College Decision Time! (It’s Time)

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