When everyone heard of the new Trump/Devos educational budget, all covfefe broke lose. 



I’m pretty sure the word, “covfefe, ” is one of my favorites now. Politics was never an interest of mine growing up. It was rather a bland topic and a subject I was not really strong in, in grade school social studies. Even in high school, I was pretty sure AP US History was the moment I knew politics and U.S. government and history was NOT my strength. Since the presidential elections in 2016, I have been quite interested in politics for obvious reason. Never in recent history have we ever had an election like this and candidates that stir up things like witches at a cauldron.

I have been cautious of this particular administration because there are some things I disagree with, and many others including states and countries have similar stances. For a millennial, like myself, and a student, I find it challenging to find enough support to get by with education. As you may or may not know, I am a first-generation, low-income, and minority student growing up in a single-mom household with 2 younger siblings. Yes, that was a mouthful, but under my circumstances that you know so far, we’re all affected in some sort of way with the changes that have been enacted or proposed by the government.

Even at Loyola, we strive to create a community where we try to do our part to become eco-friendly by conserving water, recycling, creating biosoap, and more. We are a school that encourages diversity, respect of culture and religion, and no tolerance for hatred or segregation. Less than a year ago, Loyola allowed students  to freely protest on campus whenever they wanted and wherever they chose to do it. The education budget proposal and withdrawal from the Paris Accord are two things I know would be of concern to the students. If these things were to have happened during the regular school year, I am more than certain there would have been action and activity on campus.

Nevertheless, the so-called “fake news” is quite engaging. I love listening to the debates among new reporters, Kellyanne Conway and Sean Spicer speak, and more. I listen to the rhetoric, the way they speak, how direct people are with their responses, etc. I think even you know its quite fun and interesting to watch/listen to all of this.

Covfefe! I have no idea in the world what this word means, but it is entertaining and fun to use it in whatever way you want. On Twitter, people have become creative with this word– go check it out!

Finally, I do respect everyone’s view on all of this. I know there are Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else in the spectrum, and I think it is good to have a civil and respectful conversation on politics. Like I said before, I am normally not the person who usually talks about things like this, but given the ongoing things  in the government, it is nice to talk about something other than academics. 

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