Is It Really The End? The END?

Is It Really The End? The END?

Surprisingly enough, this week is Finals Week. It has been quite strange this time. It does not really feel like I ended Junior year nor do I feel like summer vacation next week. I do not know whether or not it is because of the gloomy, cold weather or if it is because I do not want to be a senior yet and graduate and ultimately come face to face with reality ( I am being dramatic).


Here’s a more in-depth look at what Finals Week looks like:

  • The IC building and Damen is FULL of students. Never have I ever spent so much time trying to find a single desk and chair to study for my Physics final. It’s pretty cool to see so much activity going on and seeing an academic vibe.

  • Paper. Lots of paper- Study guides, Power Point slides, lecture notes, assignments, and more. Needless to say, the printers are a hotspot! Hot Hot Hot (what a pun!)
  • Coffee and Energy drinks keep us going and going and going….(echo the “going”…)

  • There are certain times campus is super active and empty, marking the times when finals are in session or people just got out. This is more vivid to see than our regular semester passing periods.
  • Luggage and moving out. It is visible to see who is going to take their last final and ready to get off of campus and jump into summer! For commuter students, well, they look the same.
  • Stress. It is quite common for students to feel a high level of stress during this time. It is understandable because of exams, papers, presentations and more. Sometimes stress and anxiety can correlate to acts of passive-aggressiveness, being dramatic, and sarcastic which I can assure you, played no part in how this blog was written.

Please pray for our students! 🙂

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