Over the Hump

Over the Hump

With the end of my 4th semester here at Loyola, and all of the 100-level core classes and basic classes for my major, it’s crazy to think about how I’m already halfway done with my career here at Loyola. I still distinctly remember going to Orientation the summer before my first semester, and all of the awkward hello’s, and freakish attempts to befriend everyone who’s in the exact same position as me. It’s still refreshing on campus to see those same Orientation Leaders on campus, and get to catch up on them. Knowing that someone has been genuinely curious about how I’ve fit in here on campus since before my first class even started has been such a great feeling.

And since the beginning of my first semester, a lot has happened very quickly. I’d like to think that I’ve learned quite a bit from my core classes, to some of the classes required for my major, and I’m unbelievably excited to continue to take classes and watch myself grow more professional and skilled, preparing myself for the real world.

These next two years are going to be long, and filled with many more sleepless nights I’ve had endure thus far, and MUCH more coffee. I’ve already heard a lot of talk of some friends preparing for graduation, and it’s crazy to think that that’s much closer then I’d hope for it to be. I know there’s plenty of Ramblers out there who feel the same way as me right now.

I’ve also been able to be a part of multiple great organizations around campus. From WLUW, LUC’s radio station, to Diminuendo and Cadence, our Literary and Arts magazine, to giving tours as well as helping run the social media accounts for the Undergraduate Office! I’ve also been fortunate enough to see some groups start from the ground up since my first semester, such as KPU, a Office-esqe webseries based around some college students at a midwestern university.

But! There’s still a week left and I have papers to write before finals start. Good luck on your finals, Ramblers, and have a fantastic summer!

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