Let’s Take this Moment to Reflect (Take 2)

Let’s Take this Moment to Reflect (Take 2)

It is part of the Jesuit tradition, even emphasized by St Ignatius of Loyola, it is the importance of reflection. Whether you enjoy journal writing, creating art, or making music; I believe it is important to clear your head and look introspectively. So, as the semester draws to a close, with three days of the academic year left, it is my turn to reflect on my Sophomore year.


This past semester has gone by very quickly. It seems that I was just at Winter Break and now I am on Summer Break! I recently switched my Communications Major to a major in Advertising and Public Relations with an Advertising concentration. Likewise, I took some business classes at the Quinlan School of Business, both Marketing and Management. I have enjoyed both of these classes, and thus, I am formally a Marketing minor along with my International Studies minor.

As for my other classes, I have enjoyed my honors class on Southeast Asian: Film, Ethnography, and Literature. I was able to understand my Filipino culture from a more academic lens. This semester was also my last one applied lessons. As some of you may know from my previous posts, I play bass trombone in Loyola’s Wind Ensemble. However, since I have to be sure to complete my courses on time, I have to take 18 credit hours each semester and remove band and lessons from my schedule.


This past year was my first year as a “Kuya” (big brother) for Kapwa (Loyola’s Filipino Student Organization). I had two wonderful “bunsos” (littles) while working alongside my friend in band who was the “Ate” (big sister). I have also changed plans with my study abroad for this summer. I understand that on my previous reflection that I would be studying in Santiago, Chile for a video production class. Instead, I will be taking a class on international public relations in London, England. My decision was partially based on my change in major as well as my interest in the subject. In addition to studying abroad, I have landed a spot at an internship for the summer. I will be working at a marketing firm fifteen minutes away from my house. I hope this will give me the opportunity to work in the real “adult” world.

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