Let’s End This With A Bang!

Let’s End This With A Bang!

Finals week is fast approaching and students such as myself got to stay focus and do well on our exams (the first week of May). For some classes, exams are the only component that make up your grade, so it is essential to do well on each test. I am taking 19 credits and am trying to be optimistic about the workload of studying and motivation I have to dedicate, so in short terms, let’s end this semester with a bang! (and “bang” meaning successfully well)


Finals is in two weeks and the pressures are starting to build up! Some teachers are trying to cram some last bits of info into our heads, sniffles and sneezes are heard because of allergy season, seniors and the school prepare for commencements, summer weather is peeping up causing us to go outside and play rather than study for finals inside, the Admissions Office has so many things going on, and by this point it is obvious that I am deliberately creating a run-on-sentence to emphasize that A LOT is happening in so little time.

However, I like to be a realist and understand that my grades don’t care whether or not pollen is in the air, the sun is shining, or people are skiing on Lake Michigan. Finals are finals and my exams should be taken with all seriousness. As for now, there must be a bit of self-discipline to get through these next 2 weeks because I want my hard work to reflect the grade I get at the end of the year. I keep telling myself that the weather will be even more great after finals and I will have more fun later, so this helps me contain my inner summer excitement for the time being.

I don’t know if it works for you, but passive aggressive and sarcastic writing is entertaining for me because I get to be overly dramatic and have a laugh here and there. If you are long-term readers to this blog, you know I really like to speak my mind and offer a more personal touch to my writing. ¬†Personally I believe a good blog post should be written genuinely and thoughtfully and can address the reader in an open and engaging way. Therefore, I hope this helps you, the reader, to have a more “insider look” to the life of an actual Rambler, in this case reflecting on how little time he has left to attempt to end this year with a bang!

(see what I did there?)  

P.S. This blog posts on Finals Weeks seems early (1 week early), but I am not a procrastinator on most things! See what I did– I’m going to end this semester with a bang because I prepared for my finals early and blogged on it early too! haha

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