Post Loyola Weekend

Post Loyola Weekend

WHAT A WEEK. So much has happened and I can assure you that our Office of Undergrad Admissions have been so busy at work to bring to you the best experience of Loyola University. It definitely took a whole team of dedicated Ramblers to pull this event off as well as our Scholars Night and Multicultural Overnight event.


For Loyola Weekend, it was a privilege to meet all of you prospective LUC students who attended. Like I said in an earlier blog post, I was one of the photographers taking pictures of you all as well as managing the Luggage Room in Damen (for those who wanted to drop off their belongings). I was fortunate to follow LU Wolf, our mascot, around campus and take pictures of LU with families and students!

(If you got a picture from me of yourself with LU, please visit our admissions Facebook page, LUCadmission, to view your photo on the Loyola Weekend 2017 album!)

In addition to taking pictures of students, there were a lot of canines who were excited to see LU Wolf! Since I know a lot of you guys smile and enjoy seeing puppy pictures, I will do you guys the favor of showing them to you here on my blog:

Cute, right? Surprisingly, ALL the dogs never barked or got angry. They immediately wanted to play with LU.  Truly, LU is quite the friendly guy!

Multicultural Night was pretty fun too! This is the second event I helped out with and I got to meet and talk to many students who will begin their first year of college this fall! We had a lot of things planned for them. They got to meet their hosts, roam around with them, meet up again with an ice cream social, do ice-breaker activities, and see student performances!

Here are the 3 groups who were present:




So as you can see, we’ve got a lot for you! We want to you see Loyola in a new light, within our tight-knit community! Consider coming to Loyola for a tour just to get a sample of what I am talking about. It doesn’t hurt to see for yourself and who knows, you might just be a future Rambler!

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