Let’s Start Planning for Fall 2017

Let’s Start Planning for Fall 2017

Surprising, yes? This week is registration week for all undergraduates, or in my own lingo, this is Sparta week (I’ll explain more later). Students are assigned a specific day and time to register for classes. The more credits you have done, the earlier your enrollment time is. With that being said, it is visible that seniors generally are the first to enroll, then juniors, sophomores, and freshmen are last. (You, the new Rambler, will most likely enroll during your orientation in the summer, but that happens after the rest of us have registered for classes this week. However there are some exceptions…)


These exceptions I speak of, pertain to students who are in special programs like the Interdisciplinary Honors Program, Peer Advisers, or athletic programs. These people get priority and register for classes first on Monday. After they are taken care of and enrolled in the classes, the rest of the students are assigned the appropriate time and date.

Maybe you can tell why this is Sparta week by this point of the blog. For students like me who aren’t in special programs, classes are first-come-first serve, meaning if the class fills up, it fills up. Either find a different time for the same class or choose an entirely different class to take that semester. I remember my enrollment times for Freshman year, Spring semester and all of Sophomore year was a bit chaotic because it happened to be during my class time. I could not keep track of what classes got filled up because I was in class. If some classes were full, I had to look up other classes to take, which could mean that I had to rearrange my whole schedule.

As a commuter, timing was something I had to focus on too. Night classes was not something I wanted to do because of my late night travels home. One thing I keep forgetting to factor into my schedule is lunch time! Remember future Ramblers! You can only do well in your studies if you are fed and energized.

I digress. Fall enrollment is one thing on my mind. Also, the fact that that semester will be my last fall semester at Loyola ┬áscares and excites me. Remarkably, I still feel like a freshman because I work in the Undergraduate Office of Admissions and help out at events with new “freshies.” It feels weird to know that I’ll be done here and off somewhere else to start something new again. Yet, I am excited for graduation. I worked hard for that moment to come. I await the moment to officially complete my time at Loyola and feel accomplished for something I put so much time, effort, motivation into.


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