Ways to Enjoy the Warm(ish) Weather Around Chicago!

Ways to Enjoy the Warm(ish) Weather Around Chicago!

With winter already come and gone here in Chicago, and things are slowly starting to heat up, it’s always good to think of ways you can enjoy Chicago before you drown in homework and projects for Finals Week! Below, I have some things that you (and your friends) can enjoy to help make the most out of the rest of your semester!

Depending on how active or not you are (I know I’m not very, but I’m trying to be better about it), there are tons of ways to enjoy Chicago, and I’ve attempted to compile a list that include free things AND cheap things, because I know very well what it’s like to be a broke college student.

The Lakefront Trail. Most Ramblers know about this very well, but whether they’ve done it or not can differ very much. I intend to ride the full 10 miles down to Navy Pier as soon as I can, just to experience the Chicago Skyline from that point of view. For those who don’t know, the Lakefront Trail begins just east of the Thorndale Red Line stop, that goes all the way down to Navy Pier (Where there a bike rental shops conveniently around Navy Pier).

Maggie Daley Park. Another physically healthy activity around Chicago, essentially within Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park includes a rock climbing wall(free), tennis courts(free, rentals varying from $15-$20/hour, depending on when during the week you go), and mini golf($10), with admission prices included after each thing listed.

Art Institute of Chicago. If the weather isn’t warm enough for you, but if you still want to get out and enjoy Chicago, every Rambler who doesn’t know, SHOULD know that your Loyola ID gets you in to the Art Institute FOR FREE! The Art Institute has so many amazing art pieces, some of which are very well known, including (but not limited to) Nighthawks, American Gothic, The Old Guitarist, and “Untitled” (Portrait of Ross in L.A.).

Lincoln Park Zoo. About a mile east of the Fullerton Red Line stop, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a free zoo that’s open year round, that’s a great place to go! (And also a fun date place for you love birds).

Chicago History Museum. On the corner of Clark and North Ave., if you’re a history nerd (like myself), the Chicago History Museum compiles all of our beautiful city’s history, from Jean Baptiste Point du Sable settling along the Chicago River in the 1780s, to the Chicago Fire, to Al Capone and Chicago’s mobster history. Tickets are $14 with your student ID!

Chicago River Walk. While it would be difficult to spend a full day on the Chicago River Walk, if you find yourself in the Loop the serenity of the Chicago River Walk and seeing the skyscrapers from such a top-down view is very cool in my opinion.

DuSable Museum of African-American History. If you’d like more diversity in museums to visit, and are down for a very cheap visit, on the corner of 57th and S Cottage Grove is the DuSable Museum of African-American History, just east of the Garfield Red Line stop, with tickets just $7 with your student ID. The DuSable Museum once again, starts roughly from when DuSable settled on the Chicago River to the present, focusing on the achievements, goals, and art of Chicago African-Americans.

Frank Lloyd Wright Houses. If there is one thing Chicago is blessed with, is the number of Frank Lloyd Wright houses that dot our city, with crazy architectural skills and designs that differ so wildly from anything I’ve definitely ever seen. If architecture and SUPER COOL buildings and houses are your thing, you can click here to view where the Frank Lloyd Wright houses and and buildings are around Chicago, and how much tours cost depending on which place you are interested in. The closest house is actually just about a mile north of campus on Sheridan, just east of the Jarvis stop!


Hopefully this helps you Ramblers enjoy Chicago without spending much money, with a variety of things to do as the temperatures keep rising and rising!!

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