Best of Chicago: The Arts on a Student Budget

Best of Chicago: The Arts on a Student Budget

Spring is finally here. You whip out your windbreaker, your comfortable walking shoes, and maybe even tempted to wear shorts. With such wonderful weather, you want to go out and explore Chicago. Chicago is a city full of arts whether it be: the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or the Art Institute of Chicago.

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra:

Regarded as one of the best orchestras in the world, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is a top tier performing group. Under the direction of Ricardo Muti, the orchestra has a vast repertoire. From traditional Americana with George Gershwin to Verdi’s Requiem. Throughout the year there are several performances that you can see all with a good deal, especially since the orchestra offers student pricing. This makes it a lot easier on the college student’s wallet. Doesn’t $15 sound like a good enough incentive to hear a world renowned orchestra? (

The Art Institute of Chicago:

Rated on Trip Advisor as the one of the top art museums, the Art Institute of Chicago, is a true symbol of Chicago. With both a traditional style architecture, and a modern wing designed by Renzo Piano, the museum is representative of Chicago with a blend of old and new styles. For those who know pop culture references, yes, this is the museum that Ferris Bueller and his friends go on their day off to view Georges Seurat, A Saturday Afternoon on the Island La Grande Jatte. Additionally, the museum is known for its art from antiquity to modernity and even small model ‘doll houses’ that are intricately designed. Price wise, what price? Going to the Art Institute is free admission for all Loyola students all the time. Whether you are going to explore and appreciate art or finding something for your room, the Art Institute is the place to explore. (

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