Albany Park

Albany Park


Where is that? This area is my neighborhood, located in the north side of Chicago! Just like how Rogers Park is home to Loyola University Chicago, Albany Park is home to, well…MY HOME! Let’s dive into what’s awesome about this neighborhood (as well as other neighborhoods around LUC). As you know, Chicago is a dynamic and diverse place and it is cool for you, the prospective Rambler. to start getting antiquated with your beautiful city!



Albany Park

This neighbor is known as the most ethnically diverse in the United States, according to Chicago Curbed. It’s a cute, little neighborhood, free from the tall skyscrapers and bustling streets of downtown. The streets are not that busy and there are stores with different ethnic backgrounds- Mexican, Vietnamese, Korean, Greek, Ethiopian, Cambodian, Iranian, Persian, and so much more.


I love my neighborhood because it is especially kid-friendly. There are parks all around and during Halloween, we go ALL OUT on treat-or-treating. (P.S. We are well known for giving out a TON of candy). One weekend during the summer, we all clean out our garages and do a garage sale! The alleys are filled with people and people get to meet and greet other neighbors. Another thing we do is have a series of block parties and all the people come out to have socialize and meet new people. It’s really fun! I appreciate that Albany Park is still in the city, but away from the “city-life” because it can sometimes be exhausting to see all the energy and be a part of the never-ending activity you commonly see downtown.


For me, I commute taking the Brown Line, which is a convenient 2-3 minute walk away from my house. As you may have already known, the Brown Line connects to the other train lines which brings me to Loyola and bring the rest of my neighbors to the rest of Chicagoland.

I have lived in Albany Park for over a decade and I can honestly say that the people who live in this area are genuinely nice and caring people. We all look out for each other and despite our diversity, we all have something in common. If you have the chance, come visit this little neighborhood and see what interests you about this area of Chicago!


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