Loyola’s one and only Literary & Arts magazine, Diminuendo & Cadence recently released their first issue for this school year, featuring photography, poems, short stories, and visual art from Loyola talent. Being around since 1952, this quarterly magazine has been a great outlet for Loyola students to detail emotions, that transcend just being a college student.

A couple weeks ago I was invited to their release party held in Piper Hall, chock full of readings and performances from students and professors alike. The experience was very inclusive and supportive, with attentive eyes and ears the entire time. To be a part of that experience, I was welcome to see the family-like environment, with how professional with everyone who attended. I personally believe that that professional, inclusive environment resonates with the pieces featured within the magazine itself, with almost every piece having some sort of sentiment attached to the author of the piece.

Entirely student run, the staff is a inclusive group of people, always welcoming more members to help in ever facet of the magazine, from PR, to formatting, to editing and proofreading.

If you’re a talented student and want your artistic masterpieces to be potentially featured in the following release of Diminuendo, all submissions are welcome at diminuendoluc@gmail.com

If you’re interested in picking up the most recent copy, there are racks in the Damen Student Center, by the Damen Help Desk, as well as the Connections Cafe in between the IC and Cudahy Library.


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