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Explore the World


One of the most exciting things college students has the opportunity to do, is be able to continue their education and immerse themselves into another culture in a different country. Not only will their classes be credited, but they get to experience extraordinary things- culture, language, people, environment, and so much more. Here at Loyola, we offer a range of countries student can choose from- Rome to Vietnam to Ireland- the list goes on.

Within focus, I will go into what kind of experience you may find in Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. Hopefully this way, you have a better idea of the kind of setting you may find yourself studying at, in the future.

Loyola’s Beijing Center, located in China, is one of the three most popular choices LUC students choose to study abroad at. Beijing, being the nation’s capital, will probably be an indicator that you may find yourself among the more modern side of the city- tall buildings and skyscrapers, TONS of technology, busy streets of walking people, lights, and so on. It’s a lot to take in, I know!


Food, the inevitable, may range in enumerable variety and may seem a little strange if you come from a more Western style taste palate. However, it tastes satisfactorily good!! (Generally speaking).

Since you are apart of an American-based education program, you will probably have the chance to go on trips to see tourist attractions- Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Yellow Mountains, terra cotta soldiers, etc.  Things will be grand in scale and generally look regal or super elaborate. If you’ve seen the Beijing Olympics, especially the Opening Ceremony, you have a better idea when I talk about things being elaborate and grand-scheme.


Nevertheless, China is a breathtaking country and through studying abroad, you can take classes that pertain to China (history, art, religion, politics, music, and more). Altogether, it is clear that you will have a full experience of China and hopefully have a greater appreciation for Chinese culture and in general, the nation itself.

Moving south of China, is Vietnam! Loyola also has a campus here, located in the capital of Ho Chi Minh City. Similarly to China, it is a bustling city full of people and energy. However, the city is different in that although it is an urban city, it is not as contemporary. People (roughly 90%) ride motorcycles/scooters and bikes, street vendors can be found everywhere, and stores are family-owned, and the only noise you can hear will be vehicles honking (there are no traffic lights).


Street food happens to be the best kind of food out there. You get to see the cooker make the food right in front of your face. Ingredients are visibly fresh and food aromas can be smelled everyone. People walk around in comfortable clothes (PJ’s are totally acceptable) and you pray a car/motorcycle doesn’t run you over while crossing the street.


Again, as you are a part of an American-based education program, you will probably visit tourist locations such as Hoi An, Mekong Delta, Thien Mu Pagoda, and Ha Long Bay. Unlike China, where you have specific sites, you have Vietnam with broader sites such as towns and rivers.

Vietnam is generally a more rural type of a country. I have been here before and can testify to that. If you are looking for a more raw and relaxed setting to study abroad, Vietnam will definitely be the place for you to study abroad. If you are looking towards a more modern-driven, energy-filled experience, China is a fitting place to study abroad.

For more information on LUC Studying Abroad, here’s the link: http://www.luc.edu/studyabroad/

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