Finals are Approaching!

Finals are Approaching!


Isn’t it surprising how fast this semester was and how finals was creeping behind your back the whole time, ready to lunge at you unexpectedly? Yes. This is what it feels like.

Finals week will begin next week, starting from Monday, May 2, to Saturday, May 7. Since I am taking 18 credit hours of courses, I will have finals on each day, except for Thursday and Saturday. On Friday, I will be taking three exams, from morning until nighttime (so please pray for me).

With that being said, it is essential to study (way) ahead of time and create study guides, flashcards, be a part of study groups, visit tutors and professors, and dedicate enough of your own time to read the text. One advice I have is if the professor gives you extra credit for you to do something, YOU SHOULD DO IT! Do not miss out on the opportunity because at the end of the semester, that extra credit could mean the difference between getting an A- to an A. Every little bit counts and in all honestly, doing extra credit can only boost your grade, so there is really no harm in doing it!

Finals, depending on what professor you have, he/she will simply treat exams like any other exam and sometimes (if you have an awesome professor) they will make the exam non-cumulative!

Study tips:

  1. Get plenty of rest. Naps are good, but try to get at least the required 7-8 hours of sleep per night.
  2. Meet up with professors during office hours, even if you don’t have any questions. You might learn some valuable things about the exam.
  3. Make study guides.
  4. Read the required texts.
  5. Study AHEAD of time.
  6. Eat well and healthy.
  7. Take short breaks.
  8. Prioritize what you need to do, accordingly.
  9. Do most of your studying in the break of dawn. You study more effectively at this time of day.
  10. Be optimistic and hopeful that you will do well on the finals! Have confidence!



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