Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

The Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox.

Not every city is blessed (cursed?) with two Major League Baseball teams, but Chicago boasts a team for the North Side and the South Side. I was raised a Cubs fan and still hold true to the red and blue (no bandwagon-ing here, I promise), but growing up on the other side of the state the biggest rivalry I knew was Cubs vs. Cardinals. I didn’t realize the extent to which the MLB divided this city.

I do my best to stay out of any Cubs vs. Sox heated discussions, but I have been caught in the cross fire. I think that especially at a time when the Cubs are better off than the Sox, the Sox’s fans are holding even tighter to their team allegiance. While they can boastfully ask when the Cubs won their last championship, the Cubs can come back with questioning the Sox last visit to the play-offs…

Even as a Cubs fan, I went to a Sox game last fall for fun. I definitely enjoyed it, but will (somewhat biased-ly) admit that Wrigley is where it’s at. For me, Wrigley’s historic charm and ivy wall are so much more appealing for an afternoon of baseball. Wrigley is also much easier to get to from LUC’s red line L location, rather than a long journey to the South Side for a Sox game.

I had planned to go see the White Sox game this Saturday, but waking up to a snow-covered ground doesn’t exactly put you in mood for baseball. Sooner or later Chicago will get its weather back on track and going to a baseball game will be much more appealing.

As a Loyola student, be sure to keep your eyes out for discounted tickets for baseball games (and all kinds of other shows and events)! Then you’ll have a little extra money to spend on a hot dog or pretzel at the game.

If you come to Loyola from out of town or without an MLB allegiance, I encourage to pay a visit to Wrigley and U.S. Cellular Field to experience all that Chicago baseball has to offer–then you can let me know who really does baseball best.


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