St. Patricks Day in Chicago

St. Patricks Day in Chicago

Don’t miss out on some legendary traditions happening in Chicago the weekend before St. Patrick’s day! Starting on Saturday morning at 9am the fun begins with dying the Chicago river green. Don’t worry this dye is environmentally safe but its formula is a Chicago secret. They have a special river dyeing process that takes place every year with crowds of people swarming to watch the magic happen. The best place to  watch the process is at the Michigan avenue bridge or the river walk near E. Upper Whacker Dr. The beautiful river turns into a vibrant green in a matter of seconds. Not many people can say that their city that they dye their rivers green! The native Chirish go wild at this special ceremony!

After the ceremonial dyeing, catch a quick lunch and head over to the parade happening at noon on March, 12th. If you can’t make it to Chicago don’t worry! The parade will be televised this year on ABC channel 7. The parade route begins at the corner of Balbo and Columbus Street and continues all the way north on Columbus street. For some great views Check out this link to the Chicago St.Patricks day website  Parade Views.

You may be wondering, “Why is the St. Patricks day such a great celebration in the windy city?” Well in the 19th century there was an influx of Irish immigrants in the United States. Most were ridden with diseases, hunger and poverty. They were looking for a new life and in the midst of that they were trying to find a way to enliven the Irish spirit in America. The St Patricks day celebrations in their home lands were mainly a religious celebration of St. Patrick bringing Christianity to Ireland. They wanted to add more to the tradition so they began an entire celebration dedicated to St. Patrick but it has become more of a celebration of the Irish heritage than a religious festival.

This day has a more personal meaning in my life. My parents celebrate their wedding anniversary on St. Patrick’s day! Without their help and guidance I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.  To those who will be celebrating this joyous day in Chicago, be safe, travel in groups and most importantly have fun! Once Chirish, always Chirish. I hope to see you there!



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