Sophomore Life: Spring Semester

Sophomore Life: Spring Semester


I still cannot believe that in only a couple of months, I will be exactly halfway done with my undergraduate studies. I have many friends who are currently freshman students, so sometimes, I get caught up in the freshman lifestyle- being excited by the little things, having so much enthusiasm, and getting lost around campus (yes, I still get lost).

This semester, I have a lot of workload on my back. I am doing 18 credits of classes and on top of that, I go to Old Town Music School on Sundays, and am currently preparing for training (for a Youth Movement) during the spring break in Texas. You can say I am doing too much, but for me, I hate being unproductive and not being on my feet; I always have to be doing something.

Two of my favorite classes by far this semester are: Organic Chemistry and Theology. Why? It is mainly due to the professors- Dr. Osner & Dr. Dickinson. They are the ones who make it engaging and actually, a lot of fun. Plus, these two classes are a great combination- I really need God with me when I take an Orgo exam. Anyone who as taken Orgo or knows about it, understands what I mean by this!

I believe I have improved on my studying habits as well. I am using my free time more wisely and prioritizing things better. Before I go to sleep, I always write myself a little agenda for the day tomorrow on what needs to get done by a certain time. It helps me stay on track and reduces the amount of thinking I need to do on where to go or what to do after a class is done.

I hope all of you enjoy the week! Have an awesome day!

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