Freshman Year Almost Done

Freshman Year Almost Done


There is only less than 3 weeks left of the school year! The finish line is so close yet so far away; although we have less than a month of school left, we still have final papers, projects, and exams to complete.  Sometimes it can be overwhelming and so time-consuming, but things have to be done sooner or later, to completion. It is essential that I, and the rest of the student body, not procrastinate and slack off on the quality of our studies. We have to be motivated!

How do we truly become motivated? For me, I think about the future consequences if I slack off and realize that doing so is not worth it at all- financially and personally. First there’s scholarship GPA requirements. time and effort spent on studying for exams and doing homework, and more. It would be a waste if I were to throw all my hard-work away because I didn’t give enough effort into each class. Another way to focus on academics is to restrict how much time is being spent on listening to music, hanging out, and social media (phone and laptop).

I know I may sound a little uptight and too strict on myself, but these things truly help me stay motivated to do well in school. I want to be able to say that my first year of college was successful and that I was well disciplined to keep a good mind-set on school.

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