Next Semester Registration

Next Semester Registration

It’s the time of year again that everyone has a love/hate relationship with–registration. While it theoretically should be easier for those of us already enrolled at Loyola that are continuing onto sophomore year and up, that is not guaranteed.

I don’t mean to make registration sound like a horrible process, because it really isn’t for most students, but it can be stressful if you’re not sure about your major/minor, or are running out of core to take. While I know not everyone really took their four year plan in UNIV 101 seriously, it is a great resource to use–there is no reason you should be at a complete loss of what classes you should take.

I recommend making at least three schedules if you’re not the first to register (honors, ROTC, or athletes), with a variety of classes and teacher that you are willing to take. Don’t believe everything you read online, and keep in mind that people who write reviews are often very opinionated one way or another. A good way to figure out who you want to take next semester is to look at a few times and teachers that will work for you, and then asking around who has had which teacher and the workload in each class.

Remember, it will all work out and it really isn’t a big deal–you will get the classes that you need. There’s always a chance that the class you want that filled up the space before your registration time will have an open seat during the summer! You can add, drop, swap until what is pretty much the first week of classes next semester.

Good luck to all!

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