Employment Options During the Semesters

Employment Options During the Semesters

Something that a lot of parents and students wonder about is if their student is going to be able to have a job to help fund their life in the Windy City over the semesters. The truth is, it’s not guaranteed. You have the responsibility to find a job, either through Loyola’s career center, or  around the campus area.

While you do not have to be qualified for federal work-study to get several on-campus jobs, it certainly does help. However, off campus jobs do not take that into consideration when they’re hiring.

Keep in mind that we have more than one campus as well! Downtown stores (both the magnificent mile as well as the Water Tower Place mall/Macy’s) are often looking for seasonal help around the holidays, and will sometimes keep seasonal employees that do a great job.

Another option to look for is internships–some of them are paid, and they are great experience to add to a resume. You can find ones that are in your field of study/interest, or just ones that sound cool. Keep an eye out for now hiring signs, and if you know there is a place you’ll likely be hired, you can even arrange your schedule for the following semester around optimal work shifts.

While it is not a required thing to have a job on or off campus, it is a nice thing to have extra cash. Just keep in mind the number of credit hours you’re taking, and make sure you don’t over book yourself.

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