Loyola Weekend FAQ

Loyola Weekend FAQ

This weekend I had the wonderful experience of helping out at this year’s Loyola Weekend! It was a fantastic time, meeting all the new admitted undergraduate students!

Some of the most frequently asked questions of the weekend were some of those that seemed the simplest to me, and so I thought it’d be a good idea to share them.

1. Where are you from? (Nebraska.) Oh, my student is from (insert city here) and I’m worried about the distance. How did you adjust?
Honestly, coming to Loyola and getting acclimated was as easy as it probably could be, considering the 500 mile difference and knowing no one. There are tons, and I mean TONS, of opportunities for you to meet other students here. Your first week of school is also welcome week, a week devoted to getting adjusted to the school and getting you involved with your peers and surrounding community. Additionally, there is a class mandatory for all freshman to take, called UNIV 101, that will greatly help you adjust to college and you can meet your academic advisor, who will answer any questions you have.

2. What is there to do on the weekends? What does a typical Friday or Saturday night look like for you?
As much as I would have liked to answer with some super fun and exciting response, realistically I use my weekends to wind down from a long week of studying and tests. If you’re not planning on binge watching Netflix and hiding from everyone, there is a ton of things for you to do. Your ID gets you a TON of advantages around the city, some of the most popular being free access to the Art Institute of Chicago, discounts at a ridiculously good amount of food places, as well as access a lot of other museums and activities. If you’re not into museums, there is a lot of advantages of living in Chicago–there is always something going on.

3. What is it like to live in a residence hall?
This question always made me chuckle. I’d never really thought of it, to me it was just another place to study, eat, and sleep. However, I’ve really enjoyed living in a residence hall this year. It’s a fantastic way to meet fellow students and connect with people, some of my best friends live on my floor. There are lounges where you can cook, watch TV, or play pool, there are certain quiet hours, as well as 24 hour courtesy hours. It’s comfortable, and the rooms here at Loyola are not cramped in any sort of way. I’ve never felt like I’m in a small box and have no room.

4. (My student) is deciding between here and (insert other colleges names here). What made you decide Loyola?
I feel like a broken record saying this, but the thing that made me choose Loyola is the never-ending kindness of the staff and students. It is a scary thing to come to a school where you don’t know anyone, and even if you do know people, college is scary in general. The fact that I genuinely felt welcome at Loyola, regardless of racial/religious background, personal beliefs, or even being from 500 miles away made me say yes to Loyola. The fact that this kindness and accepting attitude is something that I have continued to see after committing and attending here confirms that I made the right choice. Loyola may not be right for everyone, but it sure is right for me.

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