I Relay for…

I Relay for…

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This past Friday marked my first time participating in the famous Relay for Life. Unsure what to expect from an event that lasted twelve hours, I ended up staying for eight, until 1:30am on Saturday, and had a wonderful time, bonding with other sisters on the Alpha Delta Pi relay team as we walked the laps, danced to the music, and participated in the activities. My first Relay was a fun, yet simultaneously purposeful and gratifying, experience

The very first lap of Relay was the Survivor’s Lap. One of my Alpha Delta Pi sisters is an actual survivor.  Hearing her share her story on stage reminded us of the good cause we were supporting.

This year’s Relay for Life theme was Carnival, so the themed laps were “purple,” “birthday,” “circus performers,” “circus animals,” and several other celebration themes. My team won the purple themed lap, which required us to walk one lap around the arena wearing as much purple clothing and accessory items as possible.

My favorite activity was the Mr. Relay pageant, where each team chose one man to dress up like a woman then compete to raise money for his respective team. There was a question and answer component, a talent component, and a fundraising component. It was hilariously entertaining to watch and was definitely one of the evening’s highlights.

I feel extremely blessed to not have any family members or friends have their life changed by cancer. However, I know that many people have, that’s why I, and many others, choose to relay for those who have fought and are still fighting.

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