5 tests, 5 days

5 tests, 5 days

Hi all!

Today, we’re going to have a talk about how to take 18 credits a semester and not feel overloaded with work. This semester, I decided to take 18 credit hours in order to be able to take all of the classes I wanted and complete the major and minors I want to. It’s not an awful class load, only 6 classes, but it’s a lot of commitment. You have to really want to take these hours.

This week, for the first time all semester (so it’s taken a while for it to be like this), I had 5 tests in 5 days. While I could have probably figured this out and probably excelled at this in high school, I wasn’t so sure about college. The curriculum is harder, more difficult, and advanced. So what do you do when you’re completely stressed out about 5 tests?

You plan.

With careful studying hours, a day-to-day schedule, and about 200 flashcards, I got it figured out. While that doesn’t sound remotely appealing, and I know it, it’s what got me through this week. This has also been the first time that it’s happened all semester, so realistically it could have been much worse.

So just know, that even the bad weeks are easy to get through if you put your mind to it and don’t leave it piling up.

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