Music School!

Music School!


Over the summer, I plan to do many things which include¬†taking some summer courses at Loyola and attending Old Town School of Folk Music (located in Lincoln Square). Here, I will be taking a couple of courses and learning the cello. Why? This is for fun! No credit will be carried over towards my graduating credits. That doesn’t matter and I do not mind. I love music; learning about music and being able to play an instrument is leisure for me. As I have written in my other blog posts, music is one of the most central aspects of my life. As a child, I learned to play the guitar and piano.

Now, after I see that many other people can play or want to play those instruments, I think that I am not that unique anymore! Many people that I know of do not know how to play the cello, but appreciate the sounds it makes. I agree with them too; it has a deep, modest, and sincere sound! For me, learning this instrument will be challenging for some reasons (but none that I can’t overcome!). For example, the left hand plays the neck region. My biggest concern¬†is that I am a leftie. My left hand finger coordination isn’t that strong compared to my right hand.

Anyways, I am excited to go to the music school over the summer. I know I will have fun and enjoy myself!

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