Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups

Something that I was pretty late to the game on as a freshman was Facebook groups. Facebook groups are a GREAT way to connect with your peers at your newfound college, and they’re great tools for finding roommates, friends, or even just people that live in the same building as you or share the same hobbies!

I found my first college roommate on the Facebook group–I posted a short paragraph with things about me: where I was from, what I wanted to major in, where I would preferably be living (it’s good to have an idea!), why I came to Loyola, etc. I ended up talking to a few people, but then I chose the one that I felt I would work best with. It was a really good way to find and connect with people, whether I ended up living with them or not.

If you need help finding your class, try typing “Loyola University Chicago Class of 20__” in the search box. (Write your expected graduation year, of course.) Other groups on Facebook include a Loyola Buy/Sell/Trade group, a Loyola Jobs and Internship page, and even a “Thing Loyola Professors Say” page.

While you don’t have to follow or ‘like’ any of those pages by any means, they are a really good way to get involved with your future community!


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