The Best Thing in the World: Music

The Best Thing in the World: Music


Music is a wonderful gift. It is set to inspire others, help cope with the pain, bring communities together, and put vibrant colors into life. The melodies, beats, bass, and instrumentals are different among the countless genres, ranging from pop to rock to alternative to classical. If the world never had music as part of culture, indeed, it would be “eh” or extremely bland. As a musician myself, I can testify to that statement wholeheartedly.

The music I like is a little spread out; I like pop, rock, and a little bit of classical. My favorite band is One Republic; it has been my favorite for years. Every song is extremely heartfelt through the bittersweet and inspirational lyrics to the creative use of instrumentals (piano, cello, and other percussion instruments). My most favorite song from them is Stop and Stare as it easy to relate to.  Other bands I adore are: The Script, Maroon 5, American Authors, Fall Out Boy, SafetySuit, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Clean Bandit, and a ton more. Solo artists I love include: Sam Smith, Jason Mraz, Sia, Calvin Harris, and Betty Who.

Besides the contemporary music, I love to listen to piano solos and orchestra pieces composed by Debussy. The tempo and melodies of each piece are wonderful; they are soft, breezy, relaxing, and gentle. It is easy to listen to Debussy especially when doing homework. For a modern twist, The Piano Guys are also fantastic to listen to. These people take popular, contemporary songs and create unique and beautiful renditions of them. They have grown popular over the past couple years via YouTube and most likely, you are familiar with them.

I cannot imagine life without music. It is uplifting and gets you through each day. It is hope.

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