Scheduling your Classes!

Scheduling your Classes!

Hello everyone! Since this is my last semester of picking classes and figuring out a class schedule, I thought I would give you guys some tips on creating your class schedule. I know that picking classes sounds intimidating and seems like complete mayhem, but if you get yourself prepared ahead of time, there really is nothing to worry about! So, here are some helpful hints to get yourself started

  1. First off, print out this handy-dandy scheduler builder!

This has all the block times for all the classes during the semester so you can easily keep track of which courses you are taking and when. Make sure to write in pencil because while figuring out your schedule, changes will have to be made! It is always great having a visual aid, so make sure to print this out to figure out your upcoming classes on.

  1. Secondly, when you are searching for classes, try to find classes that may double dip. Everyone is required to take CORE classes. See if you can find a class that can count for more than just one thing. Like if you are taking a philosophy class, see if you can find a philosophy class that is writing intensive. I know for my English major we had to have a multicultural class, so I double dipped my multicultural class with one of my English major classes. Double dipping can add extra work load to a class, so no need to go overboard. It just comes in handy for completing certain requirements without having to take another class.
  2. Thirdly, check out This website tells you the inside scoop on teachers at Loyola and their teaching style. Of course you cannot trust all the reviews, and ultimately, it is your own decision to choose a professor, but this website can be helpful in letting you know the workload, grading style, and overall class structure the professor has. The reviews are written by students for students. Of course, you will not always get the teacher you want, but a little background information never hurts.
  3. Fourthly, HAVE A BACKUP PLAN! You will need to have more classes than you will take in your shopping cart when you go to register for classes. You must always have a plan B. Classes, especially popular ones, fill up fast and it is more than likely that a class that you want will already be filled by the time you go to register. So, it is important to have other options to choose from. Again, they may not be your dream classes, but you might be surprised that the backup classes you will take will actually be quite interesting and fun!
  4. Finally, talk to your advisor. Don’t be afraid to approach your advisor for help. Scheduling classes is not an easy feat, and the advisors are there to help you. Set up an appointment with them to make sure that you are on the right track. My advisors have helped me loads of times! There is no such thing as a dumb question.

Hope these helpful hints will save you from the dreaded class registration, because it really is not that bad once you get the hang of it!

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