Service to the Community

Service to the Community


To some, community service may be something not done very often; to others, it has become a big part of their life to help others.  For me, I love to volunteer my time at my local hospital, Swedish Covenant. Since freshman year of high school, I have dedicated my summer, days off of school (full and half-days), and weekends towards volunteering here. I suppose the motivation that keeps me volunteering is the idea (or dream) of being a doctor; I love to help others feel better and become stronger and healthier. This semester, I have scheduled to volunteer more frequently to show others and the hospital my true commitment and passion towards service by volunteering every other Friday at nighttime.

At the hospital, I work at a patient care unit (post surgery). My work is scattered- I answer call lights, I can organize charts, resupply inventory, help do sponge baths, feed patients, walk patients, help discharge, and so much more. The people I am with, most of the time, are CNAs and nurses because they have the most contact with the patient.

Working at a hospital is truly a blessing. I am always on my feet doing work and I always get to meet the people and (if I am lucky) talk and hear their stories on their family, jobs, dreams, and tragedies. With that being said, I sometimes build connections with people and surprisingly, I meet them outside of the hospital months later and get to check up with them on how they are doing.

All in all, I love what I do and I hope to continue to aspire to become a doctor for the given reasons (from volunteering).

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