2015 Bear Tie Ball – Let’s Eliminate Pediatric Cancer!

2015 Bear Tie Ball – Let’s Eliminate Pediatric Cancer!

I had to wait until this week to tell you all about the biggest event for Bear Necessities Pediatric Foundation 2015!  Every year, Bear Necessities hosts an event called 2015 Bear Tie Ball.  This year the theme is Latin Nights, to take place on Saturday February 28th at 6pm in Union Station.  I am looking forward to this event for I have heard great things about it.  If you didn’t know, Bear Necessities is “[a] Chicago based national organization dedicated to eliminating pediatric cancer & to providing hope and support to those who are touched by it.”   

I want to share with you this great opportunity in which your attendance will demonstrate support on eliminating pediatric cancer.  I feel so blessed to be an intern for this organization, and I cannot wait for this event!  I am so excited to meet so many people and this event’s Emcee will be a Former Chicago Bear, Anthony Adams! So, save the date.  I will be posting more information and details as we approach the date!

Meanwhile, we will be in charge of making sure everything goes as planned!  I have seen the time and dedication that these people put into this organization, and I know that it will be anything less than perfect.  🙂

Thank you to all of the sponsors who continue to donate money for a great cause.  This event is for all and you can purchase the tickets on the link below!

Click the link for more information.


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