Winter Break Farewell

Winter Break Farewell

From previous school years (in high school and grade school), my winter breaks only lasted about two weeks. This is the first time that I have been able to have a winter break that is a month long. The best part about this break is that, unlike some high schools and all grade schools, I start new semesters with brand new classes which mean that I do not get follow-up assignments to complete during break. With all that being said, it may seem that my time off of school was full of leisure— quite the contrary.

Most weekdays, I looked after my younger brother while my mother went to work. I would read a lot of books with him and occasionally, bake a ton of delectable cookies, and watch movies for the majority of the day. On the weekends, I would help her around the house by cooking and cleaning and sometimes I would go with her to go Christmas shopping for presents to give to others. This week, I am taking and picking up my brother from school via the train and I must say, I feel like a parent and I enjoy it- sending my little brother off to school, talking to his teacher, conversing with parents, and arranging play dates. Unfortunately I was not able to read many books on my list and had to deny some hang-out sessions with old friends because of my busy schedule.

Anyways, I am happy that winter break is almost concluding and I look forward to coming back to Loyola on a daily basis to see my good friends, learn many new topics, and go through the hectic but interesting life of commuting.

With that said (in advance), I bid winter break a good farewell!

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