Stacking up on Take-Out

Stacking up on Take-Out

Hi again! This is my very last post before winter break starts up! I have one more final to go and then I can just relax and binge watch Netflix and TV for a few weeks! Cooking shows are my weakness, and I love The Taste and Masterchef Junior. Speaking of food, I wanted to tell you guys about an amazing website that delivers food from all different places. It is called Grubhub and it has seriously been a lifesaver throughout my college career.

Grubhub is exactly what it is in its name. It is a hub of grub. By just going to, you are instantly teleported into a world where food options are endless. When you are on Grubhub’s home page, you just type in your address, whether you want delivery or pick-up, and what kind of food you are looking for. Let’s say I was feeling Thai (to be honest I am always feeling Thai because that Crab Rangoon is the BEST food in the world). I would type in my apartment address, say I wanted delivery, and choose Thai as my cuisine selection. Grubhub would then offer a list of restaurants that fall under the Thai category. It would say how far away each restaurant is and it also says the minimum price you would need to reach to get delivery. Some places have no minimum, so if you are just wanting a piece of chocolate cake (I have done this before, don’t judge), you can order delivery. Other places have a 10, or 15 dollar minimum delivery price. You can also search for just certain types of food by itself, like searching for a burrito or burger. For each restaurant, Grubhub lists their whole menu and includes the most popular dishes that are starred and reviews.

Checkout for Grubhub is super easy. Just fill it out as a guest, or you can create a free account which will remember your information. Also, if you create an account, Grubhub will send you emails for a bunch of freebies and discounts. They also create a “Rummy Tummy” game where after each order you place, they offer you three face-down cards with one containing a freebie underneath. Sometimes, you can get a free dessert or drink! Pretty cool! Grubhub will deliver to college dorms as well as an added bonus, so if you are up for a late night study sesh and are craving some pepperoni pizza, Grubhub has you covered.

Go Crazy! Go to the hub and get some grub!

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