Benefits of Being a Loyola Student

Benefits of Being a Loyola Student

Here at Loyola, students have the privilege of getting more than just a regular college education; they have membership to different places like facilities and get discounts at different stores. Using the school ID is essential to access these privileges as it is the key way to validate to a person that you are a current Loyola student.

On campus, your student ID can get you to many places. For instance, you can scan your ID at the Halas Center and be able to workout– play basketball in the court upstairs, use the different kinds of exercise equipment they have, use the weight room in the basement, or even swim in their lap pool. Besides the Halas Center, if you are enrolled in a music class, you are automatically given access to the music rooms they have in Mundelien where they can practice their musical instruments (most rooms already have a piano inside). At the IC, you can rent out technical equipment such as laptops and cameras to use in class or for whatever reason. Also, you can attend many concerts, free of admission, hosted by Loyola clubs while people that are not Loyola students may have to pay their way to get in.

Off Campus, you can get discounts on specific days at some restaurants that affiliate themselves with Loyola University such as Felice’s. In addition, by showing your student ID to the staff, you can get yourself free admission to the Art Institute!

Altogether, being a Loyola student is more than just receiving an education; it allows you to become more independent, explore the vast City of Chicago , and enjoy the best of your time here at school!

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