Science and Industry Museum

Science and Industry Museum

Since the weather is getting even colder (it seriously feels like February over here in Chicago), Chicago exploration must be confined to indoors. What better place to explore indoors than the Museum of Science and Industry!

The Museum of Science and Industry is located at 5700 South Lakeshore Drive and they are dedicated to inspiring and motivating all people of all ages to learn about the fields of science, technology, medicine, and engineering. With three floors of interactive, fun exhibits, there is something for everyone. My friend and I decided to just go in order of floors so we made our way up from floor 1. One of the best exhibits on the first floor is the “U-505 On-Board Submarine” exhibit. Here you can walk through the Battle of the Atlantic and the U-505’s dramatic capture. There is the U-505 present in the museum that you can walk through and you can see torpedoes and stories of people who experienced this first hand. Another awesome exhibit on the first floor is the “Henry Crown Space Center” where you can drive a rover, learn all about the past missions to space, look inside a real spaceship capsule, and see all the rigorous training an astronaut must go through.

One of the best exhibits on the second floor is the “Science Storms” exhibit. Here you learn about all natural disasters. There is a lot of interaction here. You can play with light refraction, control a flood, and watch a giant tornado come down from the ceiling. Another great exhibit on this floor is the “Fast Foreword” exhibit. In this exhibit there are new inventions being worked on. There is an idea for a 3-D printer to spit out pizza, one with a robot that has feelings, and one that is working towards space travel that is accessible to all people. It was truly fascinating to learn about things that you would never have though imaginable. My favorite part of this floor was the Whispering Gallery. Here you and someone else stand on opposite ends of the room and whisper into a glass. The person on the other side will hear you clear as day, even though you are whispering silently. It was awesome!

Tornado Column!
Whispering Gallery!

The third and final floor had a plane, a 727, that you could walk though. You got to learn all about plane travel here. Imagine fitting a whole plane in a building and you can understand how big this museum is. The whole museum was a lot of fun and I already can’t wait to go back, because one day is just not enough to experience and learn about everything the museum has to offer!

727 on the right!
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