Last time I wrote about picking a major, and finding what’s right for you– well this time I’m going to tell you about an awesome way to figure out just what’s right for you!… an INTERNSHIP!

If you’re unfamiliar with what an internship is, it is basically the opportunity to put the skills you learn in the classroom to use. An internship can be many different things, but is typically like a part time job (but it’s all about learning). Through an internship, you get a taste of what a you potential career might look like (and whether you like it or not), and you also get some valuable experience that will help you get there in the future!

This past year, I started my very first internship, and I’ve got to say that not only do I have a better idea of what the career of Public Relations entails, and I also now know that I love working in the field. While I spent the last two years learning about the things I would do, in the classroom, actually having the chance to do those things in real life showed me just how much I enjoy it! This semester I’m working at Make-A-Wish Illinois as the Communications intern, and I had not expected to enjoy the work as much as I do! Through this internship, not only do I get to do all the things that a real professional would do, but I also get to put all the stuff I learn in class to use, and out into the world! I’m so glad that Loyola is in such a wonderful city, where we have SO MANY opportunities to get this type of experience!

I definitely recommend an internship for all of you! It doesn’t matter if you already know what you’re going to do, or if you have no clue– getting out there, and trying it out is the best way to get some experience!



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