Getting Personal

Getting Personal

It’s hard to believe that graduation is just around the corner.  This first semester of senior year is flying by, and I have been forced to think about my options after graduation.  That means applications, and that means a personal statement.

Most graduate schools require personal statements in their applications processes.  Though it is only two typewritten pages, it has proven to be a daunting task to complete.  As a law school applicant, I am supposed to write why I want to go to law school and why that will help me achieve my life goals.  I have to place all my passions and motivations, my determinations and my goals, all in two short pages.  Yikes.

I am an English major, so writing is nothing new.  I’ve probably written hundreds of pages in papers and essays in college, so the writing itself is not the difficult part.  It is evaluating my life and putting it into words that has me stumped.  Which parts of my life should I include, and where’s the line between professional and too personal?

Luckily, Loyola has plenty of resources available to help me out.  The Writing Center is conveniently located in the IC and assists students in all things writing.  Undergraduate and graduate tutors are available for one-on-one tutoring sessions to help in any stage of the writing process.  I’ve made an appointment for later this week, so hopefully someone in the Writing Center will have some idea how to translate my thoughts into words.

There are countless other resources available to Loyola students.  A good place to start is talking to your advisor.  The advising office is always ready to answer questions and offer support.

When your future in graduate school feels like it depends on two typewritten pages, it’s a relief to know there are people to help.

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