Finding Nemo (At Shedd Aquarium)

Finding Nemo (At Shedd Aquarium)

When you’re an out-of-state student, it seems that relatives are always looking to plan visits to see you in Chicago.  Or at least this has been the case for me for the past couple of weeks.  In the few short months I’ve been at school, I’ve had lots of family members make the trip from Cleveland to the Windy City.

One of the great things about Chicago is that there are so many things to do.  Over the weekend, I had my cousins Mike and Carrie come visit with their two little boys.  Connor and Blake are both under the age of two, so I got to work planning activities that the little guys would enjoy.

Connor recently discovered the movie Finding Nemo, so I figured a trip to Shedd Aquarium was a great choice.  So after a quick tour of Loyola’s campus, we headed downtown to check it out.  I think I can speak for the group when I said it was nothing short of AMAZING!

From the ten foot sharks to the tiniest minnows, Shedd hosts a large variety of aquatic animals.  The boys had a ton of fun, but so did the rest of us!  I could have spent the whole day at the dolphin tank, and Connor talked to “Nemo” for a good twenty minutes.  To all those who haven’t taken the trip, I would highly recommend going to check it out!


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