Taco Fest

Taco Fest

TACO FEST. Does that not sound like the greatest festival ever? Well, it was.  My roommate and I heard from our friends that there are always a tons of great festivals around the Lakeview area. (Area round the Addison/Belmont stop on the Red line) We did our research and discovered the Sam Adams Lakeview Taco Fest.

The festival was located between Addison and Newport, so it was walkable from the redline, or even the brown line (it was right off the Wellington stop).  We decided to take the bus and then walk there, as it was a nice night.

As we approached the festival, we saw a ton of people and heard a really good band playing on a stage.  Different local bands took turns playing throughout the night, such as pop/rock bands, a funk band, and even a Led Zeppelin tribute band.

There were at least ten different taco vendors set up, including Crosby’s Kitchen, The Pony and Taco Factory.  The tacos ranged all the way from regular beef tacos to cactus tacos to shrimp tacos to duck tacos. It was quite the variety! I wasn’t feeling too daring, so I just got a chicken taco and a steak taco, but they were delicious, as well as very affordable.

Lakeview’s Taco Fest happens every year around late September.  I enjoyed to taco’s and the festival so much that I wish it happened more often! I’m looking forward to attending the festival next year!

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