My First Cubs Game

My First Cubs Game

Sadly, I went to my first Cubs game as a senior in college.  (I know… it’s embarrassing…my baseball superfan father couldn’t fathom it)  But… Wrigley field was just as awesome as everyone says it is!!

My friend got free Cubs tickets for my roommate and I.  The seats were great, right near home plate!  I really liked the atmosphere at the game.  Everyone was all decked out in Cubs gear and having a great time.

The coolest parts of the Cubs game, in my opinion, were the scoreboard, the band and the rooftop bleachers.  I really liked the manual scoreboard, as I have never seen one before and it was cool to watch the score change.  My other favorite thing was the band of older gentleman that brought out trumpets, trombones, etc. and played some songs for us!  This happened about halfway through the game, and it was only a few rows behind us, so we got a great view! Lastly, I noticed the bleachers on top of different buildings in Wrigleyville, and I decided I definitely want to watch the game from one of those before I graduate (spring hopefully?!)

All in all, the Cubs game was a blast!! However, my heart is still with my Cleveland Indians.

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