Month: May 2013

School’s Not Out For the Summer

School’s Not Out For the Summer

It’s official– roughly one month until I return to America.

Fall is quickly turning into winter, exams are approaching within the next two weeks, souvenir shopping is becoming a norm and the more my program winds down I realize how much I am going to miss this place. It’s a bittersweet feeling though, as my other half can’t wait to see my family, friends, pets and Loyola. I want to congratulate all of my friends and coworkers of the Class of 2012! I wish I could have been there to celebrate on campus with my Loyola family.

Although I am sad, I know many good experiences lie ahead in starting the third year of my college career and taking up my new position as Closer Look Editor at the University’s Student-Run Newspaper, The Phoenix. Despite the busy work and school days of a Loyola student, I will always remember the memories and friends I made in Australia. Thank you to everyone at home who supported me in doing this study abroad, as well as everyone I will leave here that helped make this place feel a little more like home.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller

Finals are Finished!

Finals are Finished!

Summer vacation is finally here, and this blog is long overdue. Finals are over, and the week was a rough one, so I’m really happy that they’re done. I had four tests and two papers due, and thankfully, the semester didn’t end poorly.

On the first day of finals I had two night finals back-to-back. They were tough, but my final grades in the classes reflect that I did well enough on them. The next morning at 9:00AM, I had my Information Systems final, which is the class and final that I am most proud of. I had to get at least a 95% on the final to get an A in the class, and I didn’t think that there was a chance I would be able to manage, but I succeeded, and it was the highlight of my finals week.

That same night, I had my first paper due, and once I submitted that, I was two-thirds through my finals. My biggest struggle was my Thursday night final, and I studied as hard as I could to try and do well in the class. I didn’t quite get the grade that I wanted in the class, but I’m not upset with the final result either. It was a tough course that I’m at least happy I got through.

Thursday night was when I had my last exam, but the semester wasn’t over until I submitted my final paper on Friday morning. It was a group paper for my Marketing class, one that we had been working on since the beginning of the semester. We were all nervous to submit it because we had hit several bumps along the road getting it done, but we did it and that submission concluded my junior year.

The weather may be chilly outside today, but the summer before my senior year of college has officially begun. I plan on working a lot, and getting myself back in tiptop shape because the weeks leading up to finals week led me off track. Other than that, my summer is not yet planned because I want to see what it has in store for me. It’s my last college summer before I step into the work force next year, so I hope that it’s an awesome one. I hope to blog at least occasionally this summer, so keep your eyes open for the next post!

PS: Congratulations to graduating seniors, you guys did it!

Onward to Senior Year!

Onward to Senior Year!

As cliche as it sounds, I truly cannot believe how fast my college years have gone by.  It seems like just yesterday I was moving into Regis Hall and making friends who are still my close friends today.  There are so many great memories I have had these past three years, but here are a few of the highlights.

1. The Chicago Architecture Tour (Boat Cruise)- This was during welcome week for students in the Honors Program.  The cruise started downtown, and went all the way down the Chicago River.  The tour guide was great and pointed out the amazing architecture as we cruised along.  My personal favorite was the Trump Tower.

2. Seth Meyers/Aziz Ansari- I had the pleasure of seeing two of my favorite comedians.. for five dollars or less!  Seth Meyers came my freshman year; he was a part of welcome week.  Aziz Ansari came this past March.  Both were hilarious- but I have to say Seth Meyers is still my favorite.  Nothing beats him on Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live!

3. Studying Abroad-  My favorite experience at Loyola thus far has got to be the opportunity I had to study in Rome, Italy.  I have always wanted to travel, and the fact that Loyola had a campus in Rome made traveling that much easier. I was able to take core classes in Rome and I was able to go there for about the same price as tuition in Chicago is. (Besides the flight and other side trips I would take)  It was by far the greatest experience of my life as I was exposed to so many different things and wonders of the world.  I’m so thankful for Loyola for providing me this opportunity, and I encourage everyone to study abroad at some point!

4. Living downtown- Nothing beats living in the heart of the Gold Coast, where I was able to live this past year.  It was amazing- I would walk outside and the city was right at my fingertips.  Michigan Avenue was two blocks away, the beach was around the corner… everything was right there.  The fact that Loyola provides student housing downtown is perfect, as I could definitely not afford to live down there in my own apartment. (pricey!)  I will definitely miss the Gold Coast next year, but I am eager to explore a different neighborhood, Lakeview.

Those are just a few of the highlights of my college career thus far.  It was hard narrowing it down to just four, as there are infinite things that I have done that have made me so thankful for choosing Loyola and the city of Chicago.  I am looking forward to starting my senior year, although sad that I only have one year left here at Loyola.

Freshman Year: Check

Freshman Year: Check

It’s crazy, but I have two days left of my freshman year of college!

It’s funny, because in high school, I always counted down, eager for the year to be over and summer to start. Now, it’s honestly more sad than happy.

I’m so happy to attend a school I don’t want to leave. The experiences I’ve had this year and the friends I’ve made have transformed Loyola into a second home.

I recently got the offer to stay over the summer and work full-time with my internship at Loyola’s University Marketing & Communication Department, and I am thrilled to accept it. I will be subleasing an apartment close to school from a friend for June and July, and I am pumped to spend part of the summer in the city. A lot of my friends who were as reluctant to leave as I was are staying as well, so I know I’ll have a blast.

Of course, I’m even more excited to see my family and friends back home for a month, with nothing to do but visit! While it will be hard to end my freshman year, it makes it easier going back to a place you love just as much.

I’ve realized that my life is always going to be split. No matter where I am, in Cincinnati or Chicago, I’ll always be missing someone. But, as my mom always tells me, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

So, goodbye freshman year-sophomore year, I’ll see you soon!