Viva Mexico!

Viva Mexico!

It’s been a long time since my last blog, but I’m back now! Almost two weeks ago, I was in Mexico, which was amazing. We stayed in the beautiful resort, Riu Palace Mexico, and in the future, I’ll definitely be going back.

We didn’t venture far from the hotel, choosing instead to stay close and relax. I did a little reading and napping on the beach, and not enough swimming. When we first arrived, the water was warm and calm, but by the time we left, it was freezing (granted I did take a night swim the night before our departure- of course it’d be cold).

On one of the afternoons, we walked into the town, Playa Del Carmen. We took a little detour to some nearby ruins before heading in, and wandered the shops once we were there. It was interesting to see how different the shopping environment was there versus back in the States. Because the weather allows for it, they have many open shops with workers standing outside trying to, for lack of a better word, lure customers in. They really push to get sales, which isn’t as common here (sometimes).

It was so nice to take a week away on the beach, and while there, I ran on the beach a few times. I recommend this challenge to everyone because it’s a great workout, even though I sustained a minor injury during one of my runs. I stepped on a coral rock one of the days because I ran barefoot, so for anyone who chooses to run on the beach, either wear gym shoes or be very aware of rocks, shells and anything else in the sand.

Other things I loved to do there was go exploring to see what our resort had to offer. This led my family and me to discover this nice little 24 hour room that provided coffee, snacks and treats, so if I was hungry late at night, or if I woke up super early in the morning, I knew I had an option to curb my appetite. This was extremely useful because I ended up going to this room usually two or three times a day at random times.

Even though it’s been almost two weeks since I left and already so much has happened since, I really miss it there and I think about it everyday. Though I can’t be there now, I brought back my laid back attitude from there, and every time I start feeling stressed, tired or unhappy, I just think about how I felt when I was in Mexico. So my de-stressing tip post- Spring Break is to think about a time or place that made you feel really good, both about yourself and where you were at in your life. Make this your happy place and use it.

PS: A loud enthusiastic shout-out to our friends from Mexico who made our stay even better than I thought it could be- Abraham, Anmeil and Cindy. Muchas gracias y hasta pronto mis amigos!

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