College Hobbies

College Hobbies

College is such a busy time it’s easy to forget that you need to set aside time to relax and de-stress. Many of the students I know have hobbies for this exact reason.

In the past, the only hobby I’ve had to help me de-stress was running. It is one of the best ways to clear your mind, not to mention the health benefits. But this semester I wanted to try something new. So I turned to guitar!

Surprisingly, a lot of my friends at Loyola are really good at playing the guitar. I’ve always envied their talents and when telling a friend this, he asked me why I don’t play. I realized that there was no reason for me not to try and he told me he would help me and give me lessons. So here I am, a few weeks into the semester, and I feel like I have already learned a ton!

Luckily my friend who is giving me lessons is as serious about this as I am and he is always on my case about practicing. It can be really hard to force myself to set aside time when time is already such a valuable thing in college. But I’ve found that playing is something I really enjoy and it helps take away some of the pressure that I put on myself during the rest of the day.

My roommates all have their own hobbies as well. I have a roommate who knits, two on the cross country team, and one who reads during every free second that she has.

It’s really important to have time during the week to dedicate to hobbies. I have found that, although it it takes time away from my other commitments, it helps me feel better overall. So pick up a hobby or try something new, I promise it will be rewarding!

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