When telling people I would be attending school in Chicago, I was repeatedly warned about the low temperatures I would face over the winter.

“You better bundle up!” they would urge forebodingly, as if I had never been given that advice before. Like the confident young college student that I am, I laughed in the face of danger. “Cold, pshaw! What is cold to Tanner Walters?” I thought. But as someone who has always been a warm-weather kind of guy, I knew it might take some adjusting. But coming from another relatively chilly Midwestern city, I figured this was something I was used to.

And then it happened.

0 degree high temperature. I kid you not. It’s real, and it’s out there.

The first time was rough, but everyone got used to it pretty quickly. You learn to pile on the layers and the scarves and hats and soon, 20 degrees sounds like a mild day-the kind you want to spend outdoors.

The best part about the cold is snow! Loyola’s campus look’s beautiful covered in white. We’ve had a good amount this week. The most fun is seeing the kids from California react to it. Here’s hoping it stays for a little while!


The quad covered in snow!


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