Belated Update

Belated Update

Hello blogging world! This is my first blog in the new semester so, although it is a little late, I want to update you about my winter break!

Break was a lovely four weeks in which I slept a lot, ate a lot and hung out with friends. It was awesome.

The one week of break in which I actually did something productive was the week that I went to Arizona with my family. We went for a week after Christmas for no other reason than to experience a little warmer weather and a nice getaway from reality.

We stayed in Scottsdale, which is right by Phoenix. My mom and I took a couple days to go hiking around some of the mountains while my dad and brothers played golf. In the middle of the week we made the four hour trip north to the Grand Canyon and stayed a night up there.

Remember when I said we went to Arizona partly for warmer weather? Well when we woke up at the Grand Canyon it was a balmy 2 degrees! We were chilly to say the least! Nevertheless the Grand Canyon was absolutely beautiful! Because it was so cold we did not hike down into it. Instead we walked around the rim for a few hours. I have never seen anything like it!

We returned to Scottsdale to warmer weather, 50-60 degrees, and spent our last day taking a segway tour of old town Scottsdale. I had never been on a segway so it took me awhile to figure out how to make it move and turn but I soon got the hand of it and it was so fun! Scottsdale has a lot of beautiful artwork and much of the tour was spent going around to different statues that they have.

Unfortunately the vacation had to end at some point and I am back at school and back to reality. Classes are kicking into gear and we are making way into the second week of the semester.


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