Who Says You Need to Spend a Lot of Money on XMAS

Who Says You Need to Spend a Lot of Money on XMAS

While I started my Christmas by heading home with the family I quickly came back to Chicago to give my girlfriend her first “real” Christmas. To put this simply she has never had a stocking and never had that special feeling when you come out of your room to see a tree with presents. While I am fully aware this is not the real meaning of Christmas, it is nice to have this type of experience once in your life.

I was on a budget though, $50 to be exact for dinner, decorations and presents.

First mission, presents!

When I was home I found this treasure at Disneyland, only $4 after an employee discount. Our first movie and probably the one that best describes us is “UP.”

Not quite as easy this was made and the wire was purchased for $2.

I also included a photo album, a cheesy coupon book and earrings.

Oh and don’t forget a stocking full of random things that reminded her of the cutest moments in our relationship.

Next Step, Decorations!

Went to the consignment store down the street and found it all for a total of $30 this included the fake tree, lights, stocking and ornaments!

Finally thanks to Aldi market I managed to put together a great dish that she would love as well. After boiling potatoes, I pan fried lemon marinated tilapia and topped it with caramelized onions and cranberry sauce!

I am happy to say it was probably the most work I have ever put into a Xmas and I look forward to not being a college student so I can do it the way I would prefer.

In comparison this is what I did at home.

Lets just say I like Christmas!

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