100 Meters Left Everyone!

100 Meters Left Everyone!

One week done and one week left to go before we face the unwanted, but necessary, Finals. I’ll be dividing this blog into two, one to cover this past week and some things I’ll be expecting next week, and the second to briefly write about Thanksgiving, even though it was over a week ago.

The main schoolwork that I had this week was my theater presentation for the play we recently read in class, “Rabbit Hole” by David Lindsay Abaire. It’s a really good play about a family’s life and coping in the aftermath of a tragic accident. For those who have read it, I got to play Izzy and my partner played Becca in the scene towards the beginning of the play where my character reveals that she is pregnant (6:45 to 8:30 in the video). Though my life is nothing like my character’s, my attitude has similar qualities with Izzy’s, so getting into character and playing her was enjoyable. My performance on Tuesday was the first of two, my second one being on my Final day.

Next week will be just as busy as Finals week. I have two papers due on Monday, one for my BSAD 220 class, and one for my Management class. For my BSAD class paper, I had to interview an individual working in a business environment, and I conducted my interview yesterday. I got so much valuable information, not just for my paper, but for me personally.

The best advice and information that I got was that it is okay if I’m not sure yet what I want to do with my life after I graduate. I don’t need to have my life mapped out for myself just yet, and what is important is that I follow my heart in whatever direction it wants to take me career wise. Even though I will make mistakes along the way, I do not want to look back in thirty years and feel like I wasted my precious time in a job that wasn’t for me. This advice may seem logical, but when you hear a successful person who has been in the professional world for many years say this, it helps ease the fears of what happens after this stage in our lives.

Besides having two papers due on Monday, I also have an oral evaluation for my Literature class on Tuesday, my Final Theater paper due on Thursday, and a Final next Friday. I’m a little nervous about succeeding at all these things, but I’m simultaneously excited to tackle them. I feel like a runner who has to sprint the last 100 meters of a race, when the adrenaline kicks into high gear- it’s empowering.

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