A Little Touch of Christmas

A Little Touch of Christmas

Yesterday, I got an e-mail telling me I had a package and needed to come to the mailroom to pick it up.

Getting a package is a big deal for me, especially when no one told me to be expecting it in advance.

I headed to the mailroom and got the package. Inside, was a small, purple¬†Christmas¬†tree! I was so happy. While I’m at college I always miss out on the decorating, lights and other holiday festivities that my family does at home. I stretched the branches of the tree, got it plugged in and placed it perfectly on my kitchen table.

This tree really got my roommate and I in the spirit. We made the best playlist of our favorite Christmas music and listened to it while we decorated our room with paper snowflakes, candy cane lights and pictures we drew on computer paper. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s a college dorm room and it’s cozy enough.

Along with this, various signs of the holiday are staring to appear throughout this city. The nativity scene is displayed outside of Loyola’s Mundelien Center, the annual lightigning of downtown and Christmas parade on Michigan Ave. took place about two weeks ago and I am noticing more and more Christmas music every time I walk into a store.

Can’t wait for even more festive surprises as December is just two days away! Happy Holidays!

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