It’s (Almost) Thanksgiving Time

It’s (Almost) Thanksgiving Time

I wrote about the Canadian Thanksgiving several weeks ago, but the American one is coming up fast now. Just yesterday, I was sitting and thinking about how Halloween was almost a month ago, Thanksgiving is in a week, and within weeks it’ll be Winter Break and the rest of the Holidays. We’ve even had our first frost recently!

Because of Thanksgiving, we only have classes Monday and Tuesday next week, which means that Tuesday night, I’ll be heading over to my hometown in the Northern Suburbs. I’ll be spending some time with my mother, which I’m really looking forward to (and I bet she is too). On Wednesday, we are planning on going to King Spa in Niles, IL, a place that we go to several times a year to unwind and get peace of mind.

Thursday will be Turkey Day, so we’re hoping to have a family “dinner” at our place. I say “dinner” because we always eat at around 3:00PM. I’m looking forward to putting my cooking brain on and maybe trying out some new recipes to make along with my usual Thanksgiving favorites. I love to make the sweet mashed potatoes and corn-off-the-cob. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Along with my own family’s Thanksgiving, I’ve been invited to my boyfriend’s family’s Thanksgiving dinner. The timing is perfect because my stomach will settle after round one right before I begin round two of eating. I’ve never celebrated a holiday twice in one day before. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, but I’ll let you guys know based on how stuffed (pun intended) I am.

One thing that will be cool about celebrating twice -other than double the food- is seeing how my two Thanksgiving dinners will differ from each other. Other than seeing Thanksgiving on television, I don’t recall ever experiencing it outside of my own family, so I’m excited about trying something new, or seeing that it’s similar to my own.

I hope to post again before the break begins, so until next week. Have a safe weekend!

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