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Celeb Sighting

Posted on: November 15th, 2012 by

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I were just sitting in our room browsing the internet.  Twitter and Facebook immediately started exploding with the news that not only Oprah, but also Justin Bieber, were in the vicinity of only a few blocks of the downtown campus! They were at Ralph Lauren Restaurant.  We immediately rushed downstairs and outside to find them.

Outside of Ralph Lauren Restaurant, there was a huge swarm of people with cameras and iPhones trying to get a glimpse of Biebs and Oprah.  They both eventually came outside, and Justin even sang a song! My friend and I pushed our way up to the front and got a pretty cool picture of the two of them.  Apparently, Justin was in town for his concert, and he stopped to meet up with Oprah at the restaurant for an interview.  Here’s the picture we captured!

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