Concerts At Congress

Concerts At Congress

Congress Theater is one of the main hot spots in Chicago for concerts and other various events. I check online almost weekly to see what’s going on there that weekend.

On Saturday night, my friends and I finally made it out to see one of my favorite bands, Matt & Kim. They’re a couple that make music along the lines of feel-good indie/rock music. The live singing and energy within the theater was great. At one point in the show, Kim threw balloons into the crowd and told everyone to blow them up. The balloons filled the air within minuets. The rest of the night consisted of us dancing and singing along at the top of our lungs.

By the time the show ended, it was late, cold and my friends and I were dead tired. We decided to pile into a taxi and split the cost, which is my one piece of advice for events like this that end late and are away from campus.

I highly recommend everyone to get the Congress experience at least once during their time in the city!

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